Arcven Capital

Arcven Launches For Seconds

Arcven Capital: A New Dutch-Based Secondary Investment Fund

Arcven Capital is a new Dutch-based secondary investment fund that has recently launched and is focused on investing in minority shares in growth-stage technology startups in the EMEA region.

Arcven Capital is targeting a fund size of €80 million and is expected to be fully deployed within the next two years.

Arcven Capital was founded by Ahmet Argun, who has over 20 years of experience in the private equity industry. Argun previously worked at HgCapital, where he was responsible for investing in growth-stage technology companies in the EMEA region.

He also co-founded a secondary investment fund called Auctus Capital, which was acquired by HgCapital in 2018.

Arcven Capital

Arcven Capital’s investment team has a strong track record of investing in technology startups. The team has worked with over 100 companies and has helped them to raise over €1 billion in funding.

Arcven Capital’s team is also experienced in secondary investments, having completed over 20 transactions in the past five years and is targeting a wide range of technology sectors, including software, e-commerce, and healthcare.

The fund is looking for companies that are growing rapidly and have the potential to become regional or global leaders in their respective markets. Arcven Capital is also willing to invest in companies that are facing challenges, such as those that are in the process of restructuring or have recently raised capital.

Their secondary investment strategy is to provide liquidity to existing shareholders in technology startups.

The fund is also looking to acquire minority stakes in companies that are looking for strategic partners or additional capital to support their growth plans. Arcven Capital is targeting a return of 15%-20% for its investors over a five-year period.

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