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Aradena Play to Earn Games Studio Raises $9 Million in Pre-Seed Round

Aradena Play to Earn Games Studio Raises $9 Million in Pre-Seed Round

Aradena play to earn games studio raises preseed round

The Aradena play to earn games studio has raised more than $9 million in its pre-seed round. This round will help Aradena complete the IDO of Aradenean Gold (AG), which it plans to release on Seedify Fund in Q2 2022. The IDO will also be gamified, and will introduce a new system for staking called Aradena Questing.

Animoca Brands

Play-and-earn games are the future of gaming, and the creators of medieval metaverse Aradena have just completed a pre-seed equity round led by Animoca Brands. With this round, Aradena will continue to advance its vision for blockchain gaming by decentralizing game assets and offering full digital ownership and new economic opportunities. This investment will help Aradena continue its rapid growth and accelerate the development of its flagship game, Aradena: Battlegrounds. Users train an army of NFTs and take control of their kingdoms.

The pre-seed round of the project will fund the development of the next game, a fantasy sci-fi action RPG. The studio’s team will use the funds to expand the company’s game to other markets. Its developers will have access to a new platform that integrates with their own tools and technologies, and the funding will also help Aradena’s global expansion.

Play Ventures is a $30M fund that will invest in game startups. Play Ventures will be led by Harri Manninen in Helsinki and Henric Suuronen in Singapore. The fund will invest in startups around the world. The studio has a team of five developers and a team of eight employees. Founded in 2009, Aradena is already a successful game developer with a dedicated community of players.


Animoca Brands, one of the world’s leaders in blockchain and gamification, has invested in Aradena: Battlegrounds. The project is focused on introducing a decentralized staking system and IDO of Aradenean Gold to the game. The game will go live on the Seedify Fund in Q2 2022. The game is also supported by Metacrunch, a news aggregation site aimed at spreading awareness of Blockchain, Web 3.0 Technology, and other decentralized projects.

With the pre-seed round, Aradena plans to launch its in-game digital asset, the IDO of Aradenean Gold, on the Seedify Fund. The IDO of Aradenean Gold is expected to be available in Q2 2022. The project’s other features include a decentralized governance system, an in-game rewards system, and exclusive Discord channels for NFT users.

The new startup’s main focus is to bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming by introducing decentralized gaming and cryptocurrency. By creating a platform where people can use the tokens to buy real world goods, Aradena hopes to usher in a new era of strategic gaming. The company believes this is necessary to get blockchain gaming into the mainstream. Therefore, it has gathered investment from investors and angel investors.

In the past year, the team behind Cardalonia has raised a $420,000-dollar pre-seed round. Using the Cardano Blockchain, the project is based on a creator-centric metaverse. Its development roadmap is broken up into different stages. Users can purchase cards from merchants with their Lonia Tokens and explore the game while earning money.

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