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Animoca Brands Leads a Pre-Seed Round For Games Studio

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Animoca Brands led a pre-seed round for the games studio. The brand is a global leader in blockchain and gamification. Its blockchain project uses the Polygon network, a favorite among gamers. And it’s deflationary. This deflationary token provides governance to its owners as well as in-game utility functions. The games studio is pioneering the next generation of blockchain gaming, bridging the gap between web2 and web3 gaming. The focus of its development is strategic gameplay and full digital ownership. This token will open new earning opportunities.

Animoca Brands led pre-seed equity round

Liberty City Ventures led a pre-seed equity round for a gaming studio, Aradena. The company is led by former executives of Ubisoft, a French video game giant. The group has also invested in the startup of Com2Us, a South Korean company that made money in the blockchain space. The company has made over 100 investments. Animoca has also participated in the funding round for the games studio Concept Art House.

Animoca Brands is a global leader in blockchain and gamification and has invested in more than 170 NFT-related startups. Its portfolio also includes decentralized initiatives, including blockchain-based gaming. Aradena has two games in development: Battlegrounds and Aradena through Kingdoms. The former is an immersive strategy game in which players build armies of NFTs and battle for resources. The latter is a land-based strategy game that will feature a player-owned economy and rewards.

Animoca Brands leads the pre-seed equity round for games studio and aims to provide gamers with a unique economic model. The company will use blockchain technology to decentralize the game’s assets, providing players with true digital ownership of their gaming assets. The company’s primary token is the Aradenean Gold (AG), which is used for governance and decision-making authority. The gaming studio also plans to release the IDO of Aradenean Gold on Seedify Fund in Q2 2022.

Animoca Brands is a global pioneer in gamification and blockchain

Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong-based company that uses digital property rights, gamification, and blockchain technology to create fun and rewarding games. The company publishes mobile games and other products based on popular intellectual properties and has invested in many blockchain projects. Animoca Brands has multiple subsidiaries, including Quidd and Gamee, which make use of popular intellectual property.

Animoca Brands has invested in GOQii Inc., which recently completed a pre-seed equity round led by Animoca Brands. This innovative company has the potential to revolutionize play-to-earn games by decentralizing gaming assets, allowing users full digital ownership, and providing new economic opportunities. The company’s genesis nonfungible token collection sold out in 13 minutes, making it one of the fastest selling generative avatar NFTs ever.

Animoca Brands’ investment in Versus Systems is a strong indication of its confidence in the company’s technology, business model, growth strategy, and future plans. The companies share a similar vision of how audiences will interact with brands and products. In particular, Versus Systems’ blockchain-based technology will enable developers and content owners to leverage Animoca Brands’ platform to engage their audiences.

Polygon network is a favored blockchain for gaming

For gamers, the Polygon network is an excellent choice. As a blockchain that scales, the Polygon network offers a range of advantages, including faster transactions and lower transaction costs. Unlike Ethereum, the Polygon network is favored by many blockchain game developers. The infrastructure of Polygon is easy to use and can scale quickly. It also makes micropayments possible. Although Polygon has not released a roadmap, it already boasts over 400 dApps.

The Polygon network’s first project, Matic, was a popular cryptocurrency that was founded by Jaynti Kanani, Anurag Arjun, and Sandeep Nailwal. The team released their token in April 2019 through Binance launchpad’s IEO. The project raised $5.6 million and went live in mid-2020. In the following months, the project team expanded the scope and rebranded as Polygon, which stands for polygon. The team also announced that it will go live with its mainnet sometime in mid-2020.

Another advantage of Polygon is that it does not have a definite roadmap, but it does have impressive partnerships in the industry. It processes over 7 million transactions per day and boasts lower transaction fees than Ethereum. The Polygon network uses a type of blockchain known as the Matic Sidechain, which is similar to Proof-of-Stake blockchains. The Matic Sidechain processes transactions on a sidechain before adding them to the Ethereum blockchain. This means that anything developed on Ethereum will work on Polygon, and vice versa.

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