aws reinvent 2016 1
aws reinvent 2016 1

Amazon re:Invent…you do spoil us…

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At AWS re:Invent this week, Amazon Web Services announced a bevy of tools to make application development easier and faster. These include the new Amplify Studio which lets developers create web UIs with minimal coding; other offerings in their portfolio include Machine Learning Workbench for working on predictions from data sets as well as Rekognition Advanced Video Experience (AVE) — an AI-powered video recognition service that can automatically identify people or objects within videos up close—and SageMaker Subnetmaker Automated Testing Environment(TEE).
The company also enabled Quick Start via console so anyone without technical knowhow could easily get started creating database services using RDS

AWS Amplify Studio, a tool that aims to streamline app development and creation of custom UIs using reusable components made by Amazon has just received an update. This newest addition will allow developers for the first time ever be able create fully functional apps entirely from code rather than relying on templates or libraries as was previously required in order display elements like textboxes with input fields where users could type their information after which pressing enter would save it automatically without any further interaction necessary – this feature is called “zero-fills” because there isn’t need anymore fill anything!

The AWS team has been releasing a number of developer tools this week including updates to Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer that adds the secrets detector. The new feature uses machine learning algorithms in order find hardcoded secret information and secure it with AWS Secrets Manager, as well as an improved vulnerability management tool called Amazon Inspector which provides automated assessment scans along with support for container-based workloads like those running on Linux environments.
The company also overhauled its stand-alone scanning agent; now known only by name (Amazon Scanner), but not functions or configuration options – meaning you won’t see any features specific from other products show up when using these updated versions

Amazon has introduced a new service that helps IT teams customize the underlying database and operating system for increased performance. The company’s newest addition, an RDS Custom option in conjunction with DynamoDB tables designed to reduce storage costs when data is not accessed often or at all; along side Amazon DevOps Guru which extends existing machine learning capabilities automatically detect potential issues before they become problems by thoroughly analyzing your operation metrics without compromising any privacy standards – this two-tier approach will be available on AWS Lambda functions starting today!

At a time when more organizations are using IT platforms than ever, the DevOps management challenge increases with each new platform introduced into an environment.

  • This will be especially true if these services go on to rely heavily upon managed service providers like Contreras Group or Accenture’s ServiceNow offerings down the road – whose importance is only expected increase in parallel as cloud adoption continues its rapid rise among businesses worldwide

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