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Last year it was all about the artificial intelligence category which is booming right now. But it’s still an early stage for many the jury is out on whether it will contribute to the world’s economy growth or not there’s no doubt that there is some very innovative companies emerging in the space doing really interesting things and at least trying to make the world a better place.

So to help you keep track of some of the artificial intelligence companies emerging in the UK here’s a list of some of the top AI companies in London and across the UK to keep an eye on in 2020.

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Deep mind (acquired by Google)

deep mind
deep learning?

Deep mind now owned by Google is one of the world leader in artificial intelligence research and deep learning and are using ai (can we say machine learning?) in different fields, like games, medicine, energy efficiency

DeepMind for Google (DMG) team applies DeepMind’s cutting-edge research to Google products and infrastructure used by millions of people.

Their collaborative efforts have reduced the electricity needed for cooling Google’s data centres by up to 30%, used WaveNet to create more natural voices for the Google Assistant, and created on-device learning systems to optimise Android battery performance.

Demis Hassabis, co-founder of DeepMind.
ai startups london artifical intelligence startups london ai startups uk Deep mind machine learning startups
get in at the early stage and deep learning pays off…

Five AI

five ai gif banner

FiveAI is building machine learning answers for the self-driving industry’s greatest challenges by building its own high-functioning, complete self-driving system and testing it on London’s public roads.

high five five ai

FiveAI does this by providing a real time machine learning software platform designed for providing a solution in urban mobility in public transport to complex urban environments.

Its platform is designed for Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence to develop self-driving software.

five ai team
fiveai logo
High Five machine learning AI startups London

Dark Trace

dark trace banner gif

Dark Trace ‘s machine learning tech helps stop advanced spear-phishing and business email compromise with AI that understands your organization – and detects the most advanced email threats, from targeted impersonation attacks and social engineering, to supply-chain threat and human-factor vulnerabilities.

Darktrace does this by learning the unique ‘DNA’ of your organization – without making assumptions or using fixed baselines.

dark trace banner
Dark Trace – AI companies UK

Powered by unsupervised machine learning, the Enterprise Immune System detects cyber-threats that others miss, from zero-days and insider threats, through to email attacks, cloud vulnerabilities and ransomware.

DarkTrace logo
dark trace – machine learning startups

Dragon Fly

ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly ai banner
ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly ai team

DragonFly AI uses cutting edge neuroscience to accurately predict how the design of any content or experience influences what your audience sees first, across any channel.

ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly ai presentation

DragonFly do this by helping you understand how design decisions impact audience attention eliminates guesswork and helps you to optimise your digital and real-world content and experiences throughout the design lifecycle.

ai startups london ai startups uk dragon fly logo

Odin Vision

ai startups london ai startups uk odin banner

Odin was founded by a team of clinicians, medical imaging and artificial intelligence (AI) experts, is developing the next generation of AI enabled applications for endoscopic procedures.

Odin believe that AI will create a new era of healthcare by supporting doctors to deliver higher quality care leading to improved patient outcomes and better value for healthcare payers.

ai startups london ai startups uk odin team

To do this, Odin are creating a suite of tools that support doctors to improve detection and diagnosis of disease. Our award winning, deep learning technology has been developed by academic and clinical experts at University College London who have been leading this research field for the past 20 years. 

ai startups london ai startups uk odin vision logo


best london ai startups london healx

Healx is an early stage AI-powered, patient-inspired tech company, accelerating the discovery and development of rare disease treatments at scale.

There are 7,000 known rare diseases that affect 400 million people across the globe but only 5% of those conditions have approved treatments.

Healx Team June 2019
healing through deep learning. Credit: Healx team

Healx’s deep learning mission is to identify and progress novel therapies for the 95% of rare diseases currently without an approved treatment through a combination of AI, drug discovery expertise and patient insight. 

healx deep learning = deep healing? Best artificial intelligence companies uk

Graphcore (Bristol)

Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK graphcore

Graphcore has built using ai a new type of real time (real time?, so last year…) ai software processor for machine intelligence to accelerate machine learning and AI applications for a world of intelligent machines.

Graphcore fundamentally is a hardware systems company developing IPU-Accelerator™ cards and IPU-Appliance™ products that will accelerate machine learning applications.

graphcore team
Graphcore – AI companies UK using ai technology

To this Graphcore has created using ai a new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), specifically designed for artificial intelligence.

Graphcore logo
Graphcore – AI startups london ai technology and building ai software

Move AI

Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK move ai

Move Ai combines computer vision, Ai and real time machine learning to create enterprise software solutions from real-time performance data.

Move.AI does this by building computer vision software which can instantly generate performance data from video feeds in any sport.

ai startups london ai startups uk artificial intelligence startups london Move AI graphic

Founded out of Imperial College London; is still in the early stage and combines industry leading computer vision and machine learning academics with a decade of sector expertise across entertainment and sport.

move ai – machine learning startups

Della AI (Della Legal)

Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK della ai

Accelerate contract review with Della’s groundbreaking multilingual question cloud based AI platform and answering technology is sure to appeal to early stage venture capital looking to enter the space.

Della AI, uses AI, to help business and legal leaders torn between the need for speed and proper legal review, implement AI to easily locate what matters in contracts, so that they can make faster business decisions while avoiding contractual issues.

della ai banner
rights reserved
della ai logo
Dealla – artificial intelligence companies

Goodvision (Prague / London)

Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK good vision

Good vision are still at an early stage and believe it has never been easier to design traffic all on one single platform. and help companies and organisations collect and analyse traffic camera data using their AI driven analytics to give complete insight into any traffic movement.

GoodVision does this using Video Insights which is a software platform where transport planners and surveyors perform traffic data collection and deep data analyses for traffic modelling.

good vision graphic

Ultimately GoodVision want to create the ultimate workspace to collaborate, store, analyse and share traffic data.

Good vision logo
learning algorithms for cars…


Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK scribeless

Scribeless helps worldwide businesses convert more leads by using the power of our scalable & affordable handwritten notes service

Scribeless specialise in recreating the beauty and nuance of human writing.

scribeless team
now spell learning algorithms…

Their handwritten notes service understands the value of personalisation, so we offer a range of customisation options that allow you to…

scribeless logo
Scribeless – machine learning startups


Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK blyng

Blyng is a cloud based AI platform powered virtual assistant chatbot, engaging leads with natural language processing to ask essential questions and provide the best answers before handing over to the partner company’s sales team.

Backed by leading experts in Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate industry specialists, Blyng aims to disrupt the property agency sector.

blyng app
lets chat learning algorithms….

Blyng delivers instant, consistent, accurate and personalised interactions with customers across multiple contact channels tailored for the Real Estate industry.

Blyng logo
ai solutions uses machine learning


Best AI Startups London AI best london ai companies london ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COMPANIES UK brisk

Integrated risk monitoring and protection. Brisk goes beyond the traditional insurance policy to revolutionise the way businesses are protected.

Using A.I, Brisk want to save businesses time keeping their business and their people protected and provide peace of mind beyond just an insurance policy.

brisk graphic

Tracking finances, credit checking clients and suppliers, keeping an eye on employee wellbeing, avoiding cyber attacks, monitoring reputation – these things all take time. Brisk uses real-time data feeds and clever technology to:

  1. Automate the way you understand the risks and opportunities you face
  2. Get you straight to the action that needs to be taken
  3. Connect you to relevant financial services that adapt as your business changes
brisk logo
Brisk – machine learning startups 2020


ai startups london ai startups uk bots and us banner

Botsandus develop state of the art robotics and AI products by combining social sciences with human-centred design and cutting edge engineering.

Botsandus believe in humans and robots collaborating towards a better life and more efficient businesses and believe in a world where robots liberate us from dull, repetitive work so we focus on the things that truly matter.

Their mission is to create a fleet of autonomous service robots to work alongside people in dynamic, public spaces. Their goal is to drive efficiency across customer service, operations and analytics.

startups ai london bots and us logo

Orbital Witness

ai startups london ai startups uk orbital witness banner

Orbital Witness – Whether you are a FTSE 100 property developer, a first-time homebuyer, or a top real estate lawyer, legal checks on property are complicated. Orbital Witness’ vision is to automate legal risk profiling in real estate – providing an instant assessment of legal issues on land and property.

This is achieved through an intelligent analysis of property and legal data, with our analytics engine being trained to spot key legal issues in a real estate transaction.

ai startups uk orbital witness logo image


ai startups london ai startups uk 7bridges logo banner

7Bridges vision is to transform and democratise logistics, by enabling businesses of any scale to connect with their customers around the world in the most cost effective, sustainable and delightful way possible.

The 7bridges platform can handle logistics operations from any industry, no matter how complex. Our use cases solve pain-points for customers in med-tech, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Learn about some logistics transformations we have enabled for our customers and get in touch so that we can explore use-cases specific to your business.

ai startups uk 7bridges logo

AI Startups London

AI Startups London (14)

We hope you found our AI companies guide useful and do follow them as they get venture capital investment.


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What does the term and expression “AI” mean?

A.I means Artificial intelligence and is an area of computer science that focusses on the creation of “intelligent machines” that work and react like humans.

What does the term and expression machine learning mean?

Machine learning refers to the ability of a computer program or application to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed

Is artificial intelligence and machine learning the same thing?

We are going to be controversial and state that although there are differences, in practise, they largely referring to the same technology with many “AI’ startups actually being a reference to machine learning

Is working in the AI Startups London or Oxbridge clusters a good career move?

100% yes. AI is a booming sector and you will arrive almost at the beginning of it.

#1 BEST AI Startups London UK 2020 Guide
#1 BEST AI Startups London UK 2020 Guide
Artificial intelligence is booming right now but the jury is out on whether it will contribute to the world's economy growth but there is no doubt that there are some very innovative companies emerging in the space. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Startups London UK AI Startups London ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI COMPANIES UK
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