AI Startups Berlin #1 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE STARTUPS in Berlin 2020 Guide

AI Startups Berlin #1 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE STARTUPS in Berlin 2020 Guide

As one of the world hubs for tech as well as being both a great and affordable city where skilled people want to both work and live in so let’s look at the ai companies movers and shakers in the artificial intelligence world in the german capital

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Ada is a global health company founded by doctors, scientists, and industry pioneers to create new possibilities for personal health. Ada’s core system connects medical knowledge with intelligent technology to help all people actively manage their health and medical professionals to deliver effective care. Ada is proud to collaborate with leading health systems and global non-profit organizations to carry out this vision. The #1 medical app for 140 countries, 15 million assessments have been completed since its global launch in 2016.

AI Startups Berlin (5)

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