A Review of Citrix Sharefile – Data Room Software

Efficiency, easy access, and security – the holding pillars of modern-world successful business organizations. Gone are the times where laborious work and plenty of time used to be done just to keep records and manage data; everyone wants efficiency now.

Virtual Data Room or VDR is an online platform where you can easily access all of your company’s essential data, business or workplace, in one single space. These Virtual Data Rooms are of different types and are provided by different Virtual Room provider companies.

Citrix Sharefile

The Citrix Sharefile software provides all solutions to modern-day work problems, a Virtual Data Room. It’s a reliable program for those who want to share their confidential data securely. Whether you own a small business or a large one, this application is an ideal choice for you. Not only does it protect your data, but also makes sure that you can track records of each transaction you perform. Plus, this application is used by many professionals in various files, such as Investment Banking, Real Estate, Venture Capital, and more.

Do you want to know more about this program? This article will review in detail the features, so continue reading.

Why Consider this Software?

The software does this by enabling you to exchange important information, such as confidential company files, medical photos, reports, or any sort of useful information, in a fast, secure and accessible space. It assists both the employee and the employer to work with more confidence and trust.

It is a mobile workplace and can be accessed from anywhere at any time under strict supervision and proper record for the workplace’s security. Along with that, it’s 100% secure, that means you don’t have to worry about your crucial data. Not only does it provide options to share data over mobile, but you can also share via network and cloud.

We know many people are not comfortable sharing details over network and cloud. But after using the software, you will feel relaxed as this software doesn’t share your important details with anyone. You can easily get access to different apps, and it also makes sure that you can communicate with others with ease.

Citrix Sharefile Key Features

Here are some of the important features of this software that will help you to decide whether it’s worth trying or not.

  1. Security

The Goldstar security provides end to end encryption between the team members or specific team members, or even clients. You can track and manage the flow of information from any of your devices.

The industry-leading security standards provide protection transfer of the data under SSL/TLS encryption protocols.AES 256-bit encryption is maintained in the storage cloud data for the strong security of your information. 

The Microsoft Outlook plugins enable the user to encrypt even the emails shared with external people not having the option. The user can create a secure link and upload it wherever needed. 

  • Feedback and Approvals

The citrix sharefile software allows you to connect with your team members from anywhere in the world. The streamlined collaboration, along with the workflows that can easily be customized, make the important projects innovative and more collaborative.  

The Office 365 integration makes the revision, feedback, and approvals automated and easy, so you can never miss an important deadline or project. Plus, It’s main motive is to make your work easier, so you don’t have to face issues while transferring data. 

  • Sharefile Storage Zone

The Storage zone allows easy access to any kind of data present on the cloud. Powerfully secure encryptions and efficient online access to information help all the team members to get any kind of information at any time of the day.

The Storage Zone feature is available on iPhones, iPad, Laptops, and any kind of android phones. It connects the user with already existing Sharepoint documents and CIFS network shares. The Storage zone consists of an inbuilt-editing toll, which allows the user to work easily using the workspace.

Migration of Data to the cloud is not needed; the mobile data can be shared with its original location securely without moving to the cloud. It enhances work mobility and increases productivity many times faster.

  • Store, Sync, and Share

Secure online streaming and limitless storage enable you to use all the space you need to work efficiently from any device at any time. The large files are not a problem. You can easily produce, share and sync large data files without getting slow down. The fast store, sync, and share feature provides efficiency in your workplace.

The vast range of tools provided online helps you to be unique, disciplined, and innovative with your work. The easy email plugins ensure the transfer of large information without any email clogging problems.

Bank-level encryption protects all your information, at rest or transit. The transitional data, such as online communication is also encrypted and protected.

  • Connect Seamlessly

Connect seamlessly by using the online data providing ability so you can easily connect with other team members or third party members. You can easily connect to Onedrive Box, Google Drive, SharePoint, and more directly by using your account which accelerates the working process and increases productivity in no time.

  • Legally Binding E-signatures

The data room software makes it easy for you to sign legal documents under full protection and security. The legally binding E-signatures. It cuts up to 93% of your time—no need to wait for days to get important documents signed. Now simply use Sharefile E-signature and convert the work of days into a matter of a few minutes.

  • Custom Client Protocol

This data room software provides a secured and easily manageable custom client protocol that helps significantly in facilitating your clients with the options that enable you to use your brand name.

  • Advanced Analytics

The analytical tools help you keep a record of your working progress and analyze your data in the most refined and authentic ways, depending upon the choice of the user. The secure storage and helpful security analytical tools enable you to have a complete track of your data’s security.

  • Share Documents

By following a few simple steps, you can easily share the documents, which is an amazing feature added by this app. Since everyone is working remotely, it’s important to share the things on time. Employees can easily collaborate and comments which means no productivity is affected. With one click, users can accept the requests and share the content. The good thing about this tool is that it allows you to share almost 100GB data at once that means you can share bigger projects easily.  

10. Customer Support

Customer support is good as they are available 24/7, which means if you have any issues, you can contact them easily. You can find two different options while contacting the customer service; General Technical Assistance, and Enterprise Technical Support. You can select the option according to your requirements.

Things Which We Didn’t Like

Here are a few things which we think need to be improved in this software.

  1. Expensive Packages

It is a bit more expensive than most of the other Virtual Data Providing Softwares. The prices can range up to 100 USD Dollars a month. Therefore, sometimes it is not cost-effective to be used in small or initial business organizations. 

  • Problems in Functioning

Some files are not supported and fully functional such as CAD files. Some users face trouble in seeing folder permission and acquiring access to certain documents as well. The difficulty in viewing permission to access, share and edit, due to privacy concerns have also been reported by some customers.

Score Table

Important FeaturesScores out of 5Remarks
Security 5Protect your data without compromising your personal details.
Share Documents  4.3Sharing is easy but you can’t share CAD files which is a negative point.
Pricing 4Packages are expensive as compared to other file sharing tools
Free Trails5It provides free trails for beginners.
Collaboration 4.8It’s easier to collaborate using this app and also it allows you to share larger files.
Customer Support4.5Customer Support is good, but for some time, you have to wait more than 24 hours.
Deployment 5You can download it on all devices, including Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad


This data room provider provides the solution to all the documentation problems at your workplace. The Goldstar security, easy access, and a wide range of editing and sharing tools make it easy to work with and also assists in team projects and task to be accomplished in time. Somehow, the difficulty in operating some files, such as CAD files and relatively some high price packages, are faced by clients. Overall, we can say that it’s a good program and should be added to your list if you want to make your file sharing experience better and secure.

We hope you liked our citrix sharefile review. If you did do check out our guide to data room providers

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