A Resignation Guide In Steps –  How To Hand In Your Notice Letter Professionally
A Resignation Guide In Steps –  How To Hand In Your Notice Letter Professionally

A resignation letter uk template – Travel

A resignation letter uk template – Travel

Resignation Letter UK lettter of resignation letter template notice letter uk notice letter sample

It’s always good to follow the official procedure of your company that is required if you want to quit your job in a professional and respectful manner. After all, you might want to come back some day!

It’s quite common for those at the start of their careers say 3-5 years in to want to take a career break and travel is usually top of mind.

If this is you and you’ve decided to give into your backpacking and world exploring desires it’s time to hand in your formal resignation and we really recommend you do it in a professional manner as it’s very very common for people to return having spent all their money and even a temporarily stint at your old company can be a life saver.

Resignation Letter UK Template - Travel beach

So here’s resignation letter UK template to help guide and advise you on what to include to ensure that you leave your position with a healthy relationship intact.

Company Name
Company Address

Dear {Name of Recipient, Position},

I am writing to notify you of my formal resignation from my role as (Insert Job Title) at (Insert Company).

I have enjoyed working at (Insert company), but I have decided to take a break from work to travel for a period of time.

As my contract requires that I give {Time of notice} my last working day will be {date}.

Despite having to leave, I appreciate all the fantastic experiences and opportunities given to me throughout my working period. (Insert example of this)

I am and remain very grateful for the assistance provided by you and all the team and if there’s anything I can help with during the transition period, please let me know.

For this purpose I’ve kept a record of my outstanding tasks here (insert google or company drive link) to help my handover go as smoothly as possible.

I hope we can stay in touch as colleagues and look forward for possible work opportunities in the future. Many thanks for your understanding.

Thank you



Your Name

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