A Resignation Guide In Steps –  How To Hand In Your Notice Letter Professionally
A Resignation Guide In Steps –  How To Hand In Your Notice Letter Professionally

A Resignation Guide in steps – How to hand in your notice letter professionally

A Resignation Guide in steps – How to hand in your notice letter professionally

Resignation Letter UK lettter of resignation letter template notice letter uk notice letter sample

Everyone leaves a job a some point and whether you are going travelling or are moving on to pastures new it’s a massive move for all of us.

The hard part is making the decision to move on and the actual process in leaving in a professional manner is quite straightforward so we’ve written this step guide to make sure, at least for this part, you don’t need to worry at all.

If you’ve never left your job before here’s a step guide to handing in your notice and leaving your job professionally and in a friendly positive manner to ensure you leave on good terms

A Resignation Guide In Steps –  How To Hand In Your Notice Letter Professionally

Handing in your notice and leaving on good terms

Now you’ve decided it’s time to quit your job in 2020 there are a few things you need to do to prepare for leaving.

1. Check the formal procedure

We recommend you double check the staff handbook and also your contract to confirm your notice period and the procedure and sometimes they can differ.

2. Writing your resignation

First and foremost you have to write your letter of resignation. This doesn’t have to be long, and you don’t have to go into detail about your reasons for leaving. You should set your letter out as a formal letter as it’s usually a formality for HR and will go on your employment records.

3. Handing in your notice letter or resignation letter

Start the letter by stating the position you’re resigning from and the date of your final day of work using our example of a notice letter UK here

Remember to include the following:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Address
  3. Contact Information
  4. (Addressed to the appropriate person)
  5. Resignation date
  6. Signature

And it’s always nice to thank the boss….

4. Book the meeting

Once you feel completely ready to quit your job, request a meeting with your manager as it’s now time to hand in your letter. We recommend this is done with your line manager and not the VP of Global Whatever as it’s respectful unless you do plan to raise a grievance.

Explain this situation to them and find out what the next steps are. You can also take this opportunity to find out what they’d like you to do in the way of handing over your responsibilities.

5. Prepare for a counter offer or immediate leave

Your manager will most likely accept your offer but they may also counter with an improved salary position or responsibility or request to delay it due to being mid project etc

It is also possible that some employers wilkl ask you to leave with immediate effect and that can be quite distressing so do make sure you’ve mentally prepared for his and tidied up any loose ends either in terms of friendships, external contacts or work load if you believe this is a likely outcome

If it does happen do not take it personally and leave gracefully as possible. Remember that the company will still have to pay you for your contractual notice period and any outstanding expenses (we always recommend you get these in before)

6. Find your perfect job

Trick step! This should be before step 1)

We highly highly recommend you secure a new role in writing before handing in your notice unless you are going travelling or leaving for non financial reasons.

No matter how good the job market is or employable you are you just can’t predict the future and for some reason finding a job while in a job is so much easier.

7. Working the Notice period, or not…

A notice period is the amount of time you have to continue in your position after you’ve handed in your resignation letter UK

In the UK the standard practice is two weeks or more. However uf your current position is affecting your health or you have another concern outside of work you should raise it with your HR team who may be able to overlook your contractual notice period or allow you to part or fully work from home once your key handover responsibilities are completed. So don’t be afraid to explain and ask.

8. Don’t abandon ship just yet

The company is still paying you and and you should be respectful to colleagues and not just dump on them and more importantly you’re likely to need a reference in the future so you should leave a professional lasting impression. And you never know how you network will be useful to you in the future too…

9. Inform your colleagues

Gossip happens, so control it. Once you manager is happy for you to do this. One of the best way to do this is to send a positive and professional notice via email to everyone just to let them know.

10. The Handover, before the hangover

A great way to make a final good impression is to stay professional and to write a handover document by making a list of all your responsibilities which you should ensure your manager agrees with.

This is also a great way of reducing stress, concern and usually work load as you can start handing over tasks to colleagues.

11. The Goodbye event!

A goodbye drinks (or other method) is not just a great way to say goodbye to colleagues and friends but also allows you a line in the sand to formally and officially cut loose.

Even if you are not into socialising it is also a great moment to correct any conflicts or misunderstandings you’ve had with colleagues. Most of us develop some rivalries at work and for the vast majority of us this is not a life and death situation and often they can be personality clashes or caused by circumstances both known and unknown. For this reason we recommend a goodbye drink to put these things to bed so you can move on with a more positive energy.

Good luck!

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