7 reasons b2b marketers shouldn’t use twitter

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Every Content Strategist at any leading B2B marketing agency (or just a plan old london marketing agency) knows Twitter is a great way for b2b marketers to connect with potential customers, but it can’t be the only marketing tool you use.

Here are 7 reasons (and then some…) why Twitter isn’t the best option for your business and what you should do instead.

Twitter has been a prominent tool for marketers, but are you using it correctly? Here’s 7 reasons b2b marketers shouldn’t use twitter.

It’s not the best place to find leads- Twitter is great for finding influencers and engaging with them, but if you’re looking for more qualified leads then Facebook or LinkedIn might be better suited.

It’s not the best place to reach out to potential prospects- If you need help from your audience in order to build awareness of your company and product or service offerings, then Twitter may not be the answer.

You can’t track your ROI on Twitter ads- When running a campaign on any social media platform, knowing what worked well and howTwitter is a social network, not a marketing channel

You can’t track the ROI of your content or learn about your customers on twitter

The time it takes to create and post tweets could be better used elsewhere

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It’s difficult to engage with other users without sounding spammy or desperate for attention

Twitter conversations are like waterfalls – you never know what will come next

You’ll get overwhelmed by all the information coming at you from all direction

With Twitter’s recent fall from grace, many b2b marketers are beginning to wonder if it is still a viable platform for their business.

Although the social media giant has seen its membership decline in recent years, we believe that this may be due to some of the following factors that make twitter an ineffective marketing tool for B2B businesses.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not your company should use twitter as part of your digital marketing strategy, consider these seven reasons why you might want to reconsider and start thinking up alternatives instead!

One thing’s certain–if there was ever a time for change in today’s market, now would certainly be it.

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