5 reasons you can’t call yourself a b2b marketing expert

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5 reasons you can’t call yourself a b2b marketing expert

If you’re reading this, and you’re not a b2b marketing expert yet, then I’m sorry to break the news.

You may be thinking “But I’ve done this for years!” or “I have all these certifications.” And yes, that’s great but it doesn’t change the fact that you still don’t know what you’re doing. Why don’t we take a look at five reasons why?

As a marketer, you’ve been in the game for long enough now to know that it takes more than just a few years of experience or even an MBA degree to become an expert. But how do you tell if someone is truly qualified?

Here are 5 signs that they might not be as knowledgeable as they claim to be: 1) They have never heard of Inbound Marketing; 2) They don’t use social media at all; 3) They think marketing only consists of advertising and direct mail campaigns; 4) They rely exclusively on email marketing software (despite knowing its limitations); and 5) Their LinkedIn profile doesn’t mention any certifications or training. Don’t let this happen to you- if it does, make sure you

Or maybe these five…

  1. You don’t understand the difference between b2b and b2c
  2. You think you can just put a few filters on your Facebook page and call it a lead generation strategy
  3. Your marketing budget is less than $1000 per year
  4. You’re not using data to inform your decisions (e.g., website analytics)
  5. Your website doesn’t have an about, contact, or blog section
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