Render Renders $20m In Funding…
Render Renders $20m In Funding…

Render renders $20m in funding…

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A San Francisco-based startup, Render secured $20 million in Series A funding to scale its DevOps cloud platform. The company’s proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will help IT professionals automate their workflows with ease while saving time on manual tasks as they focus more energy into innovation at organizations around the world

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A remarkable discovery by ambitious scientists has led them down a new path that could dramatically change how businesses operate: Applying AI technology towards automating traditional processes like network administration or server management which would free up resources for innovation within companies until now this idea was generally considered too risky because there were concerns about enabling computers take over jobs traditionally done by humans

DevOps cloud platform Render, which won the Disrupt SF 2019 Startup Battlefield and closed a $20 million Series A funding round led by Addition alongside existing investors General Catalyst. The company announced its last raise in October 2020 after seeing strong interest on heels of winning startup competition at this year’s festival where they impressed judges with their tool that helps companies automate workflows during emergencies or disasters without human intervention (like hurricanes).
It was co-founder Anurag Goel’s idea for them reach out to South Park Commons when he saw how successful it had been investing earlier–in fact it wasn’t until six months ago did anyone realize all these other VC firms even knew about us!

The San Francisco-based company plans to triple its employee base, currently 35 people by the end of 2022. They will focus primarily on product and customer growth but also expand their data center footprint globally with at least 10 new regions in APAC as well as EMEA for improved latency launching this year’s first time both areas.

Customers of Render, a blockchain-based company that offers customers the opportunity to create their own website or app with an easy drag and drop interface says it will soon be rolling out some new features including free plans for web services and databases. The platform also comes equipped with DDoS protection built right in which helps make sure your site stays up even if there are any sudden spikes on traffic caused by hacker attacks.

Render is a company that of cloud solutions that competes with the “big three” providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The features are more competitive at Render than other providers because it includes things like higher data transfer speeds in their plans with lower prices compared to competitors’ rates – which can help businesses save money on costly downtime caused by failing equipment or malicious actors trying take advantage during this time period when people might not have as many cybersecurity tools protecting themselves from attacks online!

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