British Games Institute “becomes real” with National Videogame Foundation merger

British Games Institute with National Videogame Foundation merger image
British Games Institute with National Videogame Foundation merger image


British Games Institute
British Games Institute

The National Videogame Foundation, including the National Videogame Arcade, is merging with the British Games Institute

The BGI is a new national games agency supported by trade bodies TIGA and Ukie, and over 500 investment, arts and education organisations. The BGI has been designed to raise new funds for initiatives from public and private sources to achieve four key objectives:

  1. To encourage the development of the art, science and technology of games throughout the UK;
  2. To research and promote games’ impact on and reflection of British culture;
  3. To gather and share the artistic, technical and commercial expertise in games production;
  4. To promote and increase diversity and inclusion in the UK games sector.

The combined organisation will continue to deliver the Foundation’s existing programme of games cultural projects, including the Arcade, its research, its educational and other projects, within the British Games Institute’s Culture Programme. The NVF’s Iain Simons will become the British Games Institute’s Culture Director, working with the BGI’s CEO Rick Gibson. The BGI will be headquartered inside the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham.

The BGI works in collaboration with a wide range of partners to put the UK games sector at the heart of UKs cultural and digital agenda. The NVF is a non-profit organisation funded by the public and receives grants from the Arts Council of England,British Games Institute, the British Council, British Academy and Creative Scotland amongst other public funding sources. The BGI is independently governed and will not be funded by company membership fees.

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