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Game Jobs Galore! How to work in the Games Business

Want to work in games? In this post we examine the state of the UK games industry and the opportunities for you to get a job working in the games business..

Game Jobs right now are in high demand. The UK has always punched above its weight in terms of creating games to such an extent the UK is a net exporter of games as a category. Globally games is booming right now and it is no surprise that many people want to work in games right now due to it’s technically challenging and fast moving environment combined with immense creativity which is always on the fore-front of technology

Become a Tester

One of the most obvious ways to get into the industry is to start at the bottom so to speak as a games tester. Although this may sound like a dream job it is still quite demanding as there is no guarantee you will work on a game you enjoy but what it will do is give you exposure to the beating heart of the games business where you can learn about the industry and the craft in general. Being a games tester will also give you some of the core skills involving articulating and detailing your thoughts, bug testing and reporting and being part of the iterative process from taking a game from near concept to commercial release and beyond

Working in the Industry

Game Industry jobs go right across the board like any industry but increasingly as games became game services data analytics has become a more valued skill to help optimise the user experience and create monitization opportunities particularly within the free 3 play category where the player can have either a restricted or near full premium game experience without paying. The best example of how far this can go is when games are totally free with the only revenue stream coming from in game personalisation of game characters and items

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Game Jobs – London

In the UK London is a major hub of games development with the major console video games platforms all having European presence or headquarters in central London or the M4 corridor heading out to the west of London and with major publishers like Electronic Arts being based just outside London in the commuter belt.

Jobs – Brighton

Brighton has long been a hub for medium sized games publishers and studios and can be very much considered a games cluster.


So we hope you can see from this brief overview why game jobs are so popular and why if you are interested there are lots of opportunities for you across any skill set or location to start a success, challenging and rewarding career in one of the most creative and technically stimulating industries on the planet. Good luck getting one of the great game jobs out there and working in the games industry!

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