Can Executive Search be combined with coaching to create the ultimate Exec

Executive Search Firms London
Executive Search Firms London

Can executive search be combined with coaching to create the ultimate Exec

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Search Firms are booming in London right now and along with the always competitive recruitment category in general. One of the reasons for the success of the larger London firms is that with an open culture to international staffing and management and with offices in key global locations, Executive Search Firms have a strong sales feature of being in theory able to access, qualify and dislodge high quality global passive talent that would otherwise be hard to find yet alone convince to hire and relocation.

Mentoring & Coaching is also in it’s growth phase

In parallel, the mentoring and coaching culture in the UK has been transformed into an expected status symbol for both the successful and those looking to develop themselves and their careers.

However, rarely is formalised Coaching or industry mentoring applied to the new CEO or Senior Executive hire. It’s almost like it would be an omission that a less experienced executive had been selected and placed by the firm.

Of course any new CEO or senior executive can be expected to be professionally on-boarded by their teams and HR and they have the expertise of the management team, the board and shareholders to draw upon.

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But this leads many key gaps missing that a set of specialist and highly experienced mentors and coaches could provide in the areas of performance coaching, technical coaching and industry mentoring particularly when done separately (but with oversight)  to the main corporate forums to provide an independent perspective for the newly arrived CEO to call upon and where they are ashamed to admit and work on their weaknesses.

Combining Search and Performance Coaching

Combining executive search with professional coaching is not just possible but preferable because it allows the firm to be heavily involved in the successful on-boarding of their candidate and to work to support them achieving their early goals and objectives by giving them access to a network of supporting specialist coaches and industry experts providing motivation and further expertise to maximise their performance

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Can executive search and coaching be combined to create the ultimate Exec
Can executive search and coaching be combined to create the ultimate Exec
Can executive search and coaching be combined to create the ultimate Exec | Mult - nationals value talent more than anything and they also value professional development and increasingly formal and informal mentoring. Yes the two areas are never included in the same process.

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