What you need to have to be Video Games Technical Director

Games Technical Director Job
Game Technical Director Job - Games Technical Director Job

What you need to have to be Video Games Technical Director and work in the Games Industry?

Being a Video Game Technical Director is recognised as one of if not the hardest hire in the games industry. In this post we look at the skills, experience and competencies you need to be a Technical Director.

UPDATE: Now includes open Game Technical Director Jobs in London!


You’ve looking at 5 years or more experience as team lead on preferably a triple A “AAA” casual or in the mobile gaming industry


Minimum 2 full project cycles successfully executed in a Games Technical Director capacity running a large franchise project in the gaming industry.

Programming Languages

It’s not enough to be proficient in one language anymore. You’ll be expected to have extensive experience with a breadth of programming languages and tools, unless you’re very, very good in one language!

Leadership Skills

You will need exceptional communication and leadership abilities.


To stand out in the interview process you’ll have to demonstrate you have constantly innovation and how you have improved product quality as well as group productivity

Management Experience

Experience running a large geographically distributed team with the ability to foster a strong community with an emphasis on high performance and guaranteed delivery

Other Skills for a Games Technical Director

  • Strong mediation, diplomacy, time-management, and conflict resolution skills
  • Strong influencing skills


A formal education is not at all mandatory like in a lot of programming based industries. In fact, there are those who look down at it if it means you’ve not learnt hard skills and modern languages, frameworks and approaches. However, a B.S. degree or higher in Computer Science or equivalent-masters is often preferred.

And don’t forget!

To be a Games Technical Director you need a passion for games! 🙂

Game Technical Director Jobs – February

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